Decton Staffing Services

Professional Sports Catering requested the following:

  • Temp cook and cashier positions
  • Cooks $14.00 with no option for Overtime
  • Cashiers $12.00 with no option for Overtime


  • Cooks start at 9:30AM and will be 5-8hr shifts
  • Cashiers start at 10:30AM and will be 4-8hr shifts

Bags, purses, backpacks ECT,  must be clear or you will be turned away/ not allowed to work or enter.

Must bring valid ID

Will need a VALID AZ food handlers card prior to starting shift.

Season starts Feb 22nd 

*Pro Sports catering has their own staff for the events as well and has the right to cancel or refuse any temporary staff at any time/ with little to no notice. In the event this happens, we will give you as much notice as possible to adjust your arrangements accordingly.